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AV(irtual)A Tour Package - McMinnville

AV(irtual)A Tour Package - McMinnville

The significant geological history here has helped to shape a highly complex and varied terroir.  The story of our soils begins roughly 38-55 million years ago when the Cascade Mountain lava flows and tectonic plate movements created the Coast Range Mountains.  Plate movements exposed ancient and weathered soils in the foothill regions where the AVA is located.  The lava flows created ‘basal lava fingers’, noticeable marine soils in the AVA vineyards.  The soils are primarily uplifted marine sedimentary loams and silts with a base of uplifting basalt.  Harder rock and compressed sediments of basalt pebbles and stone are found under an average 20-40 inch soil depth, giving the McMinnville AVA a unique soil complexity on which to grow our grapes. -

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