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Rosé - Still and Sparkling

Vineyard Select Rosé 

Our vineyard Select is a tank fermented Rosé of Pinot noir sourced predominately from Zenith Vineyard in Eola-Amity and Bellevue Cross in McMinnville AVA.  While many rosés are produced according to the saignée method, in which the winemaker “bleeds” off juice from a red wine ferment, our rosé has always been intentional – the product of a vineyard deliberately harvested for rosé production.  Grape Clusters were loaded whole cluster into the wine press and juice was immediately pressed off during a 90 min. processing cycle.  Juice was clarified using bentonite and fermented with 71B wine yeast to metabolize much of the malic acid, without putting the wine thru secondary ML fermentation.


Barrel Fermented Rosé 

Our Barrel Fermented Rosé of Pinot noir is an intentional stylistic departure from our Vineyard Select rose, developing richness and texture from fermenting in neutral French oak barrels that vary in size from 228L to 400L.  Produced using free-run and saignée methods from select lots across all our vineyards, our classical Provençal style Rosé is a light salmon color with floral notes.

Sparkling Brut Rosé 

Sitting at about 750 feet in the Chehalem Mountains AVA, Harbinger is a tiny, high-elevation, densely-spaced vineyard that produces a lot of fruit and requires a lot of handwork. At 2,364 vines per acre, Harbinger does not ripen very quickly, which can be problematic in cooler vintages. In late October of 2011 with November rains facing us, the grapes were still lean and mean. We looked at the numbers, tasted the grapes, and determined that it was time to launch our long-awaited “Method Champenoise” program. We’d been wanting to start our own little “grower champagne” label, and Mother Nature just backed us right into that bubbly little corner!

Ray Isle of Food & Wine listed our 2014 Sparkling Brut Rosé as one of the "8 Oregon Sparkling Wines That Rival Champagne!"



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