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Private Virtual Tastings

Whether you're near or far from our tasting room or each other, connect over a shared virtual tasting experience. Meet with our Winemaker, Winegrower, or another member of our team and experience the Willamette Valley from wherever you are. Click here or call us at 503.628.8463 to inquire.



Step 1

Select one of our Virtual Tasting Menus from the list below or email us at to customize your own.

Step 2

Schedule your Virtual Tasting by emailing your preferred date and time to Please allow 10 business days from purchase date to allow time for shipping.

Step 3

At the time of your scheduled Virtual Tasting, click the link in your confirmation email, unscrew your bottle, and enjoy!


It can be tough to keep wines in your cellar long enough to let them age to perfection, so we did it for you! We think these wines are at prime drinkability right now, and would love to taste through them with you as we discuss how aging might change wines.

2013 Atticus Pinot noir

2014 Gran Moraine Pinot noir

2015 Black Hole Pinot noir

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Are you a Pinot noir lover? If yes, then this pack is perfect for you. Explore three different AVA’s from reputable vineyards throughout the Willamette Valley.

2018 Estate Pinot noir

2018 Meredith Mitchell Pinot noir

2017 Atticus Pinot noir

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Taste through three different and interesting varietals with this sampler pack! These wines do a great job of showcasing what Raptor Ridge has to offer.

2018 Auxerrois

2018 Estate Pinot noir

2015 Tempranillo

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This is such a fun package featuring some unusual white varietals that we love! From Alsatian to Austrian grapes, you will find that these white wines can be enjoyed all year round, and pair very well with your favorite meals.

2018 Auxerrois

2019 Gruner Veltliner

2017 Gran Moraine Chardonnay

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