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Our Promise

Statements easily made are irrelevant, but doing the work of getting to them, and doing the heavy lifting of putting them into action is invaluable.

We pledge to take time regularly with our staff to examine how we use our positions of privilege to educate ourselves, to better listen, to demand justice, and actively engage in society for social change.

We hear your voices and see you watching us.

In the macrocosm of society, racial profiling and police brutality must end and violence must stop — violence toward all people but especially toward people of color must end. We support peaceful protests demanding an end to institutionalized racism in law enforcement.

In the microcosm of our industry, we see and hear the stories from wine professionals and hospitality guests of color who are rightfully tired of the struggle. Tired of seeing so few faces like their own in the tasting room, on the production floor, in management positions, or in the boardroom.

We know you are tired of being a doted-upon novelty or treated with suspicion and doubt, merely because of the color of your skin. You are rightfully watching us, holding us accountable to change the landscape of our industry for the better.

Since this brutal wake-up call, we are accelerating our pace to more deeply educate ourselves, hold ourselves and others accountable, and act intentionally. We realize that this kind of action is long over-due.

Our pledge to our guests, our employees, and our community of wine professionals is to continue our work to actively change the face of an industry that is woefully in need of diversification, where all who love wine feel a sense of belonging.

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