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Wine Clubs

Pre-release white and rosé wines shipped 3 times a year (JUST OVER 1 CASE TOTAL).  Approximately  $140 per allocation.

Enjoy white wines? This is the club for you. Barn Owl members enjoy three shipments a year of our white wine and rose, and is the only club level to receive three bottles of our Brut Rosé of Pinot Noir during the holidays! Club Members receive all the same shipping incentives and advantages of our other club levels. 

Three bottles of our pre-release Pinot Noirs shipped 4 times a year (1 CASE TOTAL).  Approximately $130 per allocation.

This level is ideal for club members who like to be the first to hear about our new releases, share limited edition wines with friends and family, and enjoy participating in our seasonal events at the winery and in your own backyard.

Six bottles of our pre-release Pinot Noirs shipped 4 times a year (2 CASES TOTAL).  Approximately $240/allocation.

This level is perfect if you like to cellar a portion of your wine, enjoying some of it right away and saving some for later. If you are feeling generous, gift or share with friends! Gold Level also provides an opportunity to try our small production lots and purchase more of your favorites before they disappear!

Four bottles of each of our pre-release Pinot Noirs shipped 4 times a year (4 CASES TOTAL).  Approximately $440 per allocation.

This level is for the true collector. With four bottles of each selection, Platinum members may choose to check in on wines upon release, cellar some bottles for later, and share with fellow collectors. The Platinum Level will allow discerning Flight Club members to personally select their optimal drinking condition before, during and after years of cellaring.

These benefits continue for ALL club members at ALL levels:

Already a member? Please take this opportunity to update your profile and select the level that is best for you by creating an account at the top of this page.

Please email Christie directly with your choice of club, or CLICK on one of the club buttons above to apply online.


Flight Club Shipping FAQs

The Raptor Ridge Flight Club consists of four flights per year. Shipping months will be limited to March, May, September and November to lower the risk of loss to extreme weather conditions.

Q: Why not use Styrofoam and ship in any season?

A: One of the tenets of our business is to maintain sustainable practices — both financially and environmentally. Though Styrofoam could provide more protection during extreme weather, it does not satisfy the principles of sustainability on which we base our business.

Q: Why not hold shipments to weather-affected areas, and continue shipping as usual to unaffected areas?

A: While we pride ourselves on individualized customer service, it is equally important to us that our prices be kept at reasonable levels. As a small company striving to provide top-quality wines, we must keep our shipping processes efficient.

Q: Why not ship FedEx Ground all year round?

A: We will ship to any legal state in the U.S. by ground as frequently as possible, watching for unusually hot or cold weather patterns.

Ground shipments are no longer guaranteed or replaced. For this reason, we strongly discourage shipping during inclement seasons. If you still choose to ship during hot summer or cold winter months, overnight, 2- or 3-day delivery is highly recommended. We also offer Cold Chain shipping to many states. 

Q: Why must you charge my credit card before my wine ships?

A: Raptor Ridge cannot hold wines that have not been purchased. We invite local members to pick up wine club selections at the winery. Due to limited storage space, however, wines left here for longer than 90 days will be donated to a charity of our choice. Raptor Ridge will not be responsible for shipping charges incurred due to misdirected or returned shipments. Customer will be billed for return and reshipping charges. An adult (21 or older) must be present to sign for and accept packages containing alcoholic beverages.

Unfortunately, we cannot currently ship to the following states:


WV, and WY

Flight Club case and six-bottle Shipments to HI and AK are subject to a small shipping fee